April 25, 2007

1:33 p.m.


Sunday, April 22
Sundays are faithfully predictable. The phone never rings, no oneís home, and no one comes to visit. I sacrificed staying inside a quiet home to spend the day with relatives- those particular relatives one would visit because of emotional blackmail.
Everything went according to plan which is not a good thing but itís the routine. (Sundays push predictability.) I left needing good, long masturbation, a blended margarita, and a sleeping pill.
While at the house of home-much-longer-can-this-take, I attempted to give my son his Gummi Vites. All efforts failed except for one. Instead of forcing it down his throat while begging please I dipped the little bears in sugar and it was like the past 15 minutes never happened. You win some, you lose some, and then thereís the draw. The benefits of his supplements outweighed the damage done by a ľ tsp of white sugar.

Out of all of the concerns of the day, there is only one thing thatís realistically critical: my stepbrother in Iraq. The worry gets stronger everyday and it seems the battles are coming faster and harder. I know he knew what he was getting into when he joined the military but there probably should be some counseling for the families. Maybe there is and I just need to do more research. Watching the BBC news gives me greater insight into whatís actually going on in the Middle East. For instance, I had no idea the Army was building a wall at night between the Sunnis and everyone else, a la Palestine. Apparently there were bombings recently while an American was speaking in response to the Iraqiís Prime Ministerís request that the walls come down.
I could prattle on about this subject but I donít see a point. Everythingís been said. The only reason I mentioned this I felt it necessary to record my growing concerns.

In a much-needed change of subject, my thoughts on television shows that I will never remember in twenty years seems something interesting enough to document in a journal.
I had no idea how funny Futurama is. I saw my first episode last week and now have the DVR set to record it anytime it comes on. Iíve cancelled my appointment with a fitness trainer to catch up on as much as I can. However, other than Phil Hartman killing himself, I donít see what could have caused them to cancel the show. God forsaken King of the Hill was recently renewed for another season and itís not even a fair-quality comparison, IMO.
I canít wait for Dexter to return for another season. Iíve watched a few episodes of Six Feet Under to quell my blood thirst but itís no where near the same. Somehow, I thought it would be. Regardless, The Tudors is a nice replacement for that time slot since Rome is over and done. I guess theyíre doing a great job in making Henry 8 look like an ass. Seems realistic enough but Iím behind on my British History. Note to self: watch History of Britain on DVD this weekend.
Robin Hood was a huge disappoint in my eyes. I couldnít take it seriously because some of the acting was very, very bad and it had to many campy scenes and bad, bad jokes.

I ended the Atking Diet prematurely. We have $14 to last us until next Thursday and it is one hell of an expensive fucking diet. I canít afford chickes, lamb, roasts, and fish on that kind of budget. My son has enough food to eat three meals a day until Memorial Day but it likes like I will be eating Ramen. Bleh. There may be weight loss after all.

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