April 25, 2007

2:13 p.m.


Monday, April 23

With the benefit of hindsight, I had no reason to fear being denied medical clearance to go to work. Although I still feel I worry for practical reasons, Iím just glad to have the letter in my hands. I got the good news before I began my therapy session but I didnít mention any of it to my therapist until the very last minute. He knew nothing about the job opportunity and had actually suggested I stay away from the company I now work for. He was very shocked I didnít mention it first but I knew how he would feel about the news.
He scheduled me for another appointment next Monday. Iím sure we wonít have to think up anything to talk about.
To celebrate the clearance in my own elderly way, I treated myself to margaritas (the one I never drank yesterday) and several hours of garden and lawn work. Chad watched our son while I was alone with my thoughts. Ahh.

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