June 05, 2007

1:27 a.m.

Friday, April 27

I gave up on watching The Tudors. It reminded me too much of a Silhouette historical novel except the man with the throbbing member is a spoiled, greedy, ruthless leader. Meh. Iím falling behind on the trends. Hell, I just made my first myspace page this week. Iím doing my best to venture beyond my comfort zone and cohabitate in this reality with other warm bodies. I donít know when it happened, but I became an anti-social hermit. I know people that have hundreds of numbers (literally) in their cell phone. Over the year, I have sliced my contacts in half to about 20 and even of those numbers havenít been called in over a year. Iím hoping this particular type of handicap has run its course like a bacterial infection. We shall surely discover the answer to that once I begin working. How frightening is that?

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