June 05, 2007

1:32 a.m.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why do we still call it hump day?
I need a lesson plan for my son. I want to teach him how to operate in a competitive world in which being smart is not enough. I want him to have the confidence and skills to accomplish anything and enough skills to make him well rounded. I know every mother wants different things but Iím sure a lot would agree on these needs.
My struggle is learning how to give him guidance because I havenít experienced encouragement and support since I met my first roommate and my husband.
Iíve enrolled him in a wonderful childrenís center that offers the basics of preschool education along with plenty of outdoors time. Iím relying on daycare workers to try to teach my son things that I still havenít learned: patience, discipline, basic hygiene (well, okay- Iíve figured this one out by now), and self-confidence. I know they arenít miracle workers but they are well trained. Iím going to miss my baby. I hope my boobs arenít leaking because of this.

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