12:13 p.m.

Tuesday May 29, 2007

I picked an old issue of Town and Country and put it in the bathroom so I could have something to read while the baby was taking a bath. The pictures of a massive home with art on every wall and in every corner made me long for more culture and style in my own life. I was hungry for sculpture after reading the article. Iíve been down and out so long that I forgot that you could have art in every corner in your life, even in simple things like lamps and dish towels. Being isolated has its benefits I guess. No one is here to say itís absurd to want to create my own wall art.

There was an issue of an art magazine that Iíve seen with very inspirational photography in it including a collection of landscape shots that were put together to look like it was the same scene but was taken in different season and weather but done so seamlessly that it looked surreal.

It makes me think how artists break into the career and somehow manage to receive a salary substantial enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. How many out there can afford art? How do you develop the value of art?

Iíve met hundreds of Ďphotographersí yet I have yet to see any fruit born of the labor. And if I see one more picture taken on a graveyard I would like to puke. I took to work a book of photographs take over a century- rich images of history being made without any air of pretensions should probably bring it home because it has content that would be offensive to some, like images of protestors being shot and the aftermath of war. I am positive I could get fired if someone takes it off my desk and looks through it. Damn. I would hate to lose my job over something small like that.

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