12:13 p.m.

Monday May 28, 2007

Ways to Fit in @ Work:
Wear shoes that cost @ least $125 and be sure they would only match one outfit.
Buy the most expensive cell phone but waste time @ work shopping for the newest model coming out next.
You must have a Coach purse and it has to be the same pattern as everyone elseís- just like in high school.
Wear clothes that you looked good in when you were in high school; be sure it hugs your spare tires.
If you have naturally curly hair you must have a blowout once a week. The only hair thatís not straight thatís acceptable is dreads.
Wear lost of missoni, chanel, jimmy choo and donít leave the house without something on the screams ďbaby phatĒ
Have an affair with someone @ work but accuse someone perfectly innocent of having an office affair
If you can, talk as loud as possible. Be sure to complain about the people you donít hang out with of being too loud.
Tell dumb jokes and laugh at things that are hardly funny to kindergartners.
Be sure to play oldies music or obscure rap on your desktop radio.

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