12:41 p.m.

Saturday June 23, 2007

Saturday June 23, 2007
I turned off the TV. The only noise in the house is my son and the heating unit. Heís pretending to eat with his face stuck in a lunch box. Heís so innocent. I really want him to be happy while he still has that innocence.

I thought about putting a CD in and listening to it for a while, I mean Iíve been thinking seriously about it for quite some time now. I would do it if I knew that I wouldnít find a song that I was in the mood for and I would spend the next four hours staring at a music website overanalyzing ever purchase before I make one. In the end I would still be unhappy with my decision which is why Iím here, not budging listening to the lunchbox and centrail heating unit harmonize.

Itís making me sleepy although the TV is own even when we sleep. Again, I let him get away with so much foolishness.

The boy is going through my purse again. I hate it, hate it, hate it when he pulls everything out and destroys it. I have lost lots of personal items over the past 6 months. I still love him. I wonít even yell this time , not outloud anyway.

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