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Thursday August 16, 2007

created by xalliamx

1. First of all how old are you now and how old were you with your first child?
31, 29
2. Would you mind sharing the 'story' behind baby #1?
bourbon, a husband that's eager to start a family, forgetting when I ovualted
3. While on the subject, how many children (including step, foster, etc) do you now have?
4. Do you use any specific style of parenting? (Example: I've noticed a lot of AP parents on Diaryland)
Not sure what to call it except broke parenting. I'm stumbling my way through this new experience
5. What are some basic priciples that you believe in when it comes to babies? (Let them cry or don't?)
i don't let him cry and I'm reminded daily I will regret my actions
6. How has raising your fisrt child differed form raising any other children you have?
7. What has been the best thing about being a parent?
everyday is a new day and I'm trying harder than ever to be a better person
8. Will you admit the worst the about being a parent?
no sleep, no money, no time to party, no one wants to spend time with my son now that he's 2
9. Any important lessons you'd like to pass on?
not really other than buying gas drops for the babies
10. Now onto second babies. How far apart are your kids? Any reason why?
11. What do you believe is the best time span for having children?
three-five years
12. Does it get any easier?
13. Have you found being a mother brings you more support, less support or neither?
14. What are your best web resources as a parent?
15. How about non-web resources?
Dr. Sears
16. Any advice you have for me?
sorry, no
17. And last of all, does it rock to be a mama?
sure, most of the time

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