1:39 p.m.

Sunday September 2, 2007

created by bigglasses

1. what do you like better mustad or ketchup?
2. lavern or shirley?
3. what is your favorite ice cream?
french vanilla
4. do you have a stuffed animal that you like to sleep with at night?
5. did you ever, at some point in your life REALLY like a certain TV program but now you cant stand to watch it?
mtv road rules
6. were you ever in camp fire girls or boy scouts or girl scouts? did you like it? how long were you in there? (all)
7. have you ever been babysitting and had the dad hit on you? or the mom if youre a guy.. or the grandma, basically anybody in the house?
8. if its a funny story tell me about it?
9. did you ever mis-hear words to a song and then feel dumb when someone corrected you, cause maybe youd been rescently singing the wrong words really loudly?
10. have you ever had someone YOU liked not like you because, say your teeth were crooked or your legs were too long or your hair was curly?
11. did that make you want to kick that person in the shins for not looking a little deeper?
meh- i was upset but it's human nature, i guess
12. have you ever gotten into a fight? how old were you?
yes, 10
13. do you think it was fair? did you win?
12, no, not really: it was with a 300 pound boy
14. have you ever had your heart broken?

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