9:50 a.m.

Tuesday July 24, 2007

pleasure survey
created by calynda

1. What is your most pleasurable food (or drink)?
alcohol: pina coldas (guilty pleasure), hot wings with blue cheese, that is if we're talking about comfort food
2. What is the most pleasurable food(or drink)-related experience that you've had?
after giving birth and my gestational diabetes went away I had a monster banana split from dairy queen
3. What sort of weather makes you the happiest?
severe thunderstorms, cold overcast gray drizzle
4. What sort of weather puts you in an easily pleasured mood?
overcast skies
5. What shape is most pleasurable to you?
6. Why?
not sure how to explain this one... maybe because it has no edges
7. What color do you find the most appealing?
8. Why?
it can be exciting
9. What is one of the most attractive things in a possible "significant other"?
eyes that see right through me
10. Why?
I love it when people show emotion just with their eyes
11. If you had a hard time choosing just one thing, what are some others?
a brilliant mind: can't fall in love with a dumb ass
12. What is your definition of "pleasure/pleasurable"?
something that feels so amazing you aren't aware of your surroundings and worry
13. If you had to choose between living in a very small house with your parents, brothers/sisters (and their kids/spouses), and grandparents without ever being able to move out, and living very far away from any family and never being able to see them again, which would you choose?
never seeing family again

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