11:42 a.m.

Saturday August 11, 2007

The following is a very amusing news story from The Sun:

CRAFTY motorist John Eady dodged speed traps by using an electronic gate-controller which jams police laser guns.

Eady, 61, had the 290 gadget fitted behind the number plate of his 23,000 Range Rover after being caught speeding three times.

Suspicious cops traced the company boss through his registration after getting error messages on their computers as he tore past.

A court heard that, in tests, the gadget made the car invisible to speed guns.

Eady claimed it was installed by mistake when he had a sat-nav system put in ? but a jury heard he learned of the con via the motor trade.

He denied perverting justice but was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court. He faces a hefty fine and possible ban when he is sentenced next month.

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