12:17 p.m.

Wednesday Spetember 5, 2007

created by gofigure

1. Male? Female? Androgynous? Other?
2. What's your favorite brand of lipstick? Why?
stila, looks good, not a bad aftertaste
3. What about color? What color do you wear most often?
lipstick: cherry glaze, clothes: black
4. What brand of lipstick do you really really really really hate? Why?
covergirl and maybeline because they taste like shit and the colors are blah
5. Do you hate lipstick? Why do you hate lipstick?
6. How old were you when your mom let you wear makeup out of the house? How old were you when you snuck out wearing it?
19-when i moved out on my own
7. At what age were you allowed to get your ears pierced?
8. Do you think it's tacky to pierce a baby's ears? If so, how old should a kid be before allowing him/her to pierce his/her ears?
9. Are your nails natural, acrylic, gel, other?
10. Do you have regular manicures/fills?
11. Do you have a regular pedicure?
not regularly because i'm in poverty
12. How do you feel about French tip manicures? What about French tip pedicures?
tired of all french tips. i can't wait for it to go out of style again
13. What's your favorite color nail polish? What brand do you prefer?
blood red for toes, opaque pink for nails. i use opi or lancome
14. When you have a manicure or pedicure, do you bring your own polish or use theirs?
use theirs
15. Do you wear a toe ring? lost it
16. Anything else?

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