12:24 p.m.

Thursday September 6, 2007

Yay. Hooray. It was another fantastic day.

Work went well. Let's leave that alone for a minute.
I have put a lot of deep thought into the idea of expanding our family. The idea seems a bit risky to me but for some reason I feel compelled to have two children. This feeling goes against all my rational thought.

I don't think my body is fit to produce additional children. I've had gestational diabetes. My blood pressure isn't bad but it's far from great. I am overweight. I stres out quickly these days and the medication I'm on to control bio-chemical inconsistencies is not acceptable to take while pregnant or nursing. Coming off said medication would cause a new cycle of medical problems.

I am financially unfit to care for more children. I have bad self-esteem and worry enough about embarrassing one child, two would be a tragedy.

What were the benefits again? Oh! There were no benefits, it was just a feeling.

Feelings don't lsat very long, thank God.

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