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Wednesday September 12, 2007

September 12, 2007

I have taken notes on everything in the hopes to add quality, organization and consistency in my life.

Itís a great, wide, open and scary charge.
I think every other entry has something said about struggles with self improvement and striving for perfection.
Letís talk about lists.

I have hundreds, literally, lying about on bookcases, night stands, cabinets and computer files. They carry nearly the same precise information minus one or two changes that keep me from throwing the whole list out. One of these I while combine and create The Master List.

I like it when things are put into steps that are easy to follow. My mind wanders to severely to try to do the same thing over again. So to stop looking for the better way and get down to it, I actually have primitive algorithms to get me through the day.

When I finish my schedule it will make the inner Me proud. All I have to do is follow lists and some order will be restored in my life. Iíve even given myself a limit of how much eblog time I have to both read and record.

And thereís the limit.

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