12:56 a.m.

Thursday September 13, 2007

Thursday September 13, 2007

Itís been a running day. Lots of running to any unspecific place, to the copier, to the bathroom, to the hallway, down the stairs.

I think I am ready to take these two feet on the open road.

Itís time to build up the courage to run outdoors. Baby steps have gotten me this far but I need to feel true breeze in my hair. I want the sweat to fly off instead of running down my neck. Mmm. I long for a good jog.

I need to consider again getting a roommate. Thatís a scar thought. Donít want to go from a depressing situation to an unbearable one.

First, I need to find proper shoes. Once I save up $300, I can accessories with breathable tanks and shorts to run with me and not against me.

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