11:32 p.m.

Monday Septmeber 10, 2007

Does it really matter whether you can do it all? I don't see any recognition for getting close, even marginally close to perfections yet it is still expected. I lose too much weight and I find myself in uncomfortable situations with women that telling me I'm doing it wrong even though it's obviously working. Sometimes they throw in comments about how unhealthy it is to give up meat even for a little while.

Me thinks it's jealousy or pure contemptuous need to destroy any woman's self-improvement.

I didn't have this much trouble with the weight off of me since I was in 7th grade and I dropped a little due to extreme exercise. It's like everyone is waiting their turn to throw jabs. I've been guilty of harboring jealous thoughts but I also use it to fuel my own self-help projects.

It shows that we don't really want anyone to be happy. Of course, I'm not speaking of the rare and true breed of woman that genuinely wish you the best because they want the best for the world. I want to be that woman someday.

Back to my book, before I lose my place.
I also adore this sweet little bitch at work. She wears actual designer clothes. She's not one of the local graduates from First Presbyterian Day School, either. I wonder what she's wearing tomorrow.

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