9:40 a.m.

Friday September 21, 2007

So, my mom came over and we had a nice girly time.

She's married to a very strange person. We all feel uncomfortable around him. Some of it is cultural differences: he's from Jersey, which according to him sounds like the cradle of civilization, and we're dumb hicks from the South.

At least we can read.

That is something that he cannot do well. He couldn't pronounce the word "Beslan" while it was right in front of him- there's no shame in sounding it out.

Well, maybe there is if you're a 50-year-old ex-green beret.

Proof that thinking you're god and drinking too much German beer does NOT make you better than everyone.

And I wonder what his deal is with racism. He loved black women, dated a few, yet still has a certain moniker he likes to use... Guess I'm just a dumb hick and don't understand. Course, there can't be any racists in New Jersey so I must not understand the situation with my tiny Southern-raised brain.


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