2:36 a.m.

Sunday May 25, 2008

WTF? I have a flash drive lost in oblivion with almost four months of entries in it. I do amazing things when it comes to getting (and staying) organized.

I was doing so well up until Feb. but something burned out inside and I let everything (and I mean every little thing) fall through the cracks.

I worked too much the past two weeks and I haven't had any alcohol or time to do yoga so my shoulders are touching my ears once again. I answer the phone in my dreams. I think a good binge weekend would make that incessant ringing in my head go away.

Sister's baby is due in September but it doesn't look like she will have a job then because she continues to take FMLA leave for pseudo-medical reasons. I wish I could believe she has been sick all the times she's missed work but I'm not completely naive although I'd like to be sometimes.

I'm unable to trust her and I have confided in her some things I wish I currently regret.

It is what it is. I wonder if she will be at work tomorrow.

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