8:44 a.m.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I somehow closed out the tab with my last long entry on it and I have no idea what I want to say now that I can do it all over again.

In short, I had a hot workout 30 minutes before getting into a hot car, driving 25 flaming miles to get out and walk in 95+degrees F to get into building that has AC that, at best, can be considered moving air.

I was nauseas for at least 5 hours last night. The pink stuff, h20, crackers, sprite, meditation.... none of these controlled it. I dealt with it and it eventually went away but I have learned a valuable lesson: do not allow my core temperature to pass 100+ degrees.

Looka my highlights. Diggum my hair. It still looked good and stayed pretty cute the whole g*ddamn day.

I had horrible phone times yesterday because of all the applications that crashed on me: I didn't get credit for sales I made the previous day, I was forced to keep a customer on the line for nearly an hour to make sure all the legalities were sorta before we bound it, I had long hold times with hold errors, and I missed scheduled breaks . Work was literally one hot mess.

Bah. It's early in the am to worry about these things; I want today to redeem me.

Listening to... Staying Well With Guided Imagery: Belleruth Naparstek

Attempting to read... Atreyu: Falling Down

About to watch... The Wonderpets Save the Dragon