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Father's Day.

Day 7 of a 14 day work week(s).

Still, this upper respiratory infection had gone wildly out of control and I'm linking it to dirty ventilation systems at work. I tear up like a spoiled baby and sneeze for the first three hours I'm there. I'm trying a new anti-histamine in hopes that I can make it through the next 5-7 days. Besides, being sick aggravates my paranoia and I already think I'm losing my job because I clocked in 2 minutes late from break and missed my goal by 5 this week.

Yeah, so, that's about the worst of it. (Thank God(s), right?) Yeah, so I had hours to entertain myself while the phones were down last night. I stayed on wikipedia the whole time hopping from link to link, looking at EF5 tornadoes to reading about neurotransmitters and stress homeostasis. I will win at my next trivia game.

I remembered What the Bleep Do We Know and researched it, was not surprised to find it was backed by students from Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, but was surprised that the story about the Native Americans not seeing Columbus's ships was kinda sorta not true all the way. In my opinion, it was a tremendous statement to make that's not entirely accurate.

But can peptides really influence mood? That seems believable. I discovered that taking a nature-walk can affect your theta rhythm about the same as REM sleep or meditation, so why not? It all seems conclusive once the "New Age wrapping" is removed.

I'm going Wonderpets stupid. I sing the song in the shower and I'm using the phrase "this is seweeous," in adult conversations.

This is seweeously funny.

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