11:15 a.m.


Hmmm. I made it through 14 days straight of work, work, work. Gotta love being employed. I found out I have another 2 week stretch in front of me and I'm a little nervous.

I have another sinus infection. They really, really need to dust and changed filters there! I was prescribed some barely-street legal antihistamines from the Doc-in-the-Box and they have seemed to knock a hole in the wall of my sinuses so I can breathe. MMMM hmmmm.

I'm switching departments for sure. I've made my mind up. I can't do sales anymore and would rather utilize my talents ins service.
I just hope there's an opening there for me when I jump.

Have also decided to do the breast reduction. Why not? I have great insurance and I would feel a helluva lot better. My decision to switch departments may make me wait for it another whole year. I basically start over and have to survive licensing, training, and then transition before I can take time off. What's another year? Time fucking flies.

I'm not even going to try to edit any of this. It's a mess? It's just a mess, then.

Stressful? It feels stressful and whether or not these things in life warrant the label "stress," I seriously doubt it. It's not like I was stabbed 16 times, raped, neck snapped, and dealing with an overdrawn bank account all before I have to work 16 days straight...

(This better not be foreshadowing.)

:) Have a nice day!

Listening to... Avenged Sevenfold

Attempting to read... The Nightmare Chronicles

About to watch... I Survived...