10:07 a.m.

Wednesday July 25, 2007

created by w-p-e

1. Do you support GWBush's 'War on Terrorism?'
no, never
2. Do you support the illegal detaining of people without legal counsel or lawful public identification, for indeterminant periods of time? no
3. Do you support the idea of a unilateral US invasion of Iraq? How long would you expect the US would need to remain?
no,not a question of need but I'm feeling like we will be for there for 10 years.
4. Do you support the stated policy of GWBush of 'Pre-emptive Strikes,' and would you support this if it included use of tactical nuclear weapons (as he has requested developed)?
no, absolutely not
5. Do you support US unilateral withdrawal from Treaty obligations, refusal to support the Kyoto accords, and attend Johannesburg with only lower level representation?
no, no, no
6. Should the US be an active and participating member of the World Court?
7. Do you support Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, and ongoing tacit US compliance with and blind support for Israeli policy?
no, hell no
8. Do you support US condoning of mass murder of surrendered prisoners in Afghanistan, and the killing of thousands of civilians as 'collateral damage' as acceptable?
no, always no
9. Is the US 'winning' in Afghanistan? How much longer do you think it will take?
nope, ten years or until the next few years of the next president's term

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