9:26 a.m.

Saturday July 21,2007

nightmares survey by moonpoetry 1. How often do you have nightmares?
Every other month or so.
2. Are your nightmares really vivid?
3. are your dreams really vivid in general?
4. Please describe the last nightmare you had.
My husband left me and I was living with my grandmother.
5. Did you experience more vivid dreams suddenly after going on the nicotine patch, the mood stabilizer Lamictal, or any other medication?
Yes and it was Lamictal. Strange.
6. Do you secretly relish your nightmares?
I am never so relieved as I am when I'm lucid, aware of my surroundings.
7. Do you feel tormented by nightmares? (all)
Oui, but I haven't had the re-occurring nightmares since I've been on the new medication
8. Do you dream in color?
9. If your dreams are in black and white, what is that like?
10. If you dream in color, do you wish you dreamed in black and white?
Not neccessarily aware that it would make a difference.
11. If you dream in black and white, do you wish you dreamed in color?
I would take a hot dream anyway I could get it- B&W or color.
12. How recently did your have your last nightmare?
Last week.
13. do you ever have more than one nightmare a night?
It's rare but it has happened.

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