9:38 a.m.

Someday, juneteenth 200?

It's day whatever. I am about stupid from this sinus infection but I think it's past the point of needing antibiotics. (Famous last words.) Normally a long work week wouldn't bother me but the sneezing, sniffling, not-tasting-anything, and soreness have worn me slap out.

Then there's coffee.

I had so much coffee last night that I ran everywhere I went. I ran to the break room thrice, ran to the bathroom, and one time I ran to the bathroom, used it, washed my hands and was clear across the floor, back at my desk in less than 2:30 minutes. I won.

That was a good coffee high that was wasted. I only had about 5 or 6 calls all day. Hmmm. Maybe it was only 5. The last call came from a guy that was Sioux, either Shakopee Mdewakanton or Oglala. We had a conversation about Leonard Peltier which I think may have been the first ever for me.

Anyway, it was slowwwwww. I was sick of wikipedia and tried talking to others but eventually closed my eyes and daydreamed for nearly 2.5 hours. I didn't have any books to read that I could get into. I'm trying to finish The Nightmare Chronicles and Beauty's Punishment but I'm famous for starting but never finishing books.

Father's Day as a whole was very pleasant. I woke up bitching, found the power bill, bitched about that and then cleaned up my act when Hubby said, "No one wished me Happy Father's Day yet."


While he was distracted, I grabbed the boy and we got his Whitman's chocolates and cards, got the boy to sign his card, snuck him into the living room and he sang habbeee birdday to him. We piled on top of him, wrestled him to the ground, and poked and tickled until he turned his poopy-face into a smile. (cheesy? Yes. Effective? Most definitely!) It was awesome that my mom put $50 in his card which had to make up for my callousness and forgetfulness. I turned it around fast.

I'm worried about my job again. Anytime I talk to my workfriend about work I get anxious. She's and awesome person but so competitive that I think she likes to see other people fail. She has me freaked out about my numbers and keeps bugging me whether or not the upcoming changes are going to put me in an unfavorable position that would lead to weakness in my job security.

I let her do this time me but she knows it aggravates my paranoia which is why she brings it up every time I see her now. The good thing about all of this, as bad as it sounds, is that I have grown as a person therefore I'm handling this differently than my weaker self would allow. I'm showing less stress at work, focusing harder on my goals, and have actually seen results because I concentrated.

Less socializing seems to be helping the work situation. Getting caught up in all the drama came with a price, I guess. Kinda like high school, the less I talk, the more success I achieve....

...And drinking helps, too.

**heavy SIGH**I seriously, passionately, desperately want to finish my BS. I have one long year in college left but I have to finish getting to the top of Maslow's Hierarchy and I have the time. Math is the biggest hurdle to overcome in my education. Fuck math.

I will have help with it. I think I will take it one course at a time until I am pretty confident with my job security.



Synopsis so far: Mediocre Father's Day turned back in to Good Father's Day, slow Sunday, workfriend has insecurities but I persevere, alcohol in moderation = a good thing, get my Bachelors and get it now.

I really need to take a nap before work.

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Listening to... Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie

Attempting to read... Beauty's Punishment *bleh*

About to watch... The Investigators